sterilisation tunnel

The new ROTA hot air sterilization tunnel for sterilising and depyrogenising ampoules and vials has been mutually developed with company Franz Ziel, D-Billerbeck, specialized in laminar air flow techniques, and ROTA With an easy access to the sensors, the electrical installation as well as control instrumentation, the ROTA hot air sterilization tunnel design incorporates leading edge technology. The ROTA tunnel is based on an air re-circulation principle in all three zones, thus only power supply and cooling water is required for its operation. A comprehensive list of optional features and accessories allows this hot air tunnel to be customized to meet the individual requirements of each customer and application.
- Three zones to condition, sterilise and cool down the containers,
- PLC Siemens S7,
- Colour Touch Screen user interface (5.7" or 12"),
- Possibility of 4 levels password management and recipe management,
- Common Touch Screen (12") when tunnel is connected to ROTA washing machine,
- Transport belt speed infinitely variable (in mm/sec) within indication on HMI.
- Maximum sterilising temperature 350 °C

30 UPS - Uninterruptible power supply 20 kVA 1 16.060,00 EUR Uninterruptible power supply type FTH 20, according to the on-line double convervion technology for ROTA sterilisation tunnel. Voltage and frequency independent according to IEC EN62040-3 (VFI-SS-111). IGBT based-rectifier for nearly sinusoidal current consumption also in partial load. Programmable as frequency converter With Power Walk-in function for upstream power units With electronical and manual bypass. With graphical clear text display for parameters and warnings. With ECO-Mode Input: 3-phase 380/400/415 V + N, +/- 20 %, 40 - 72 Hz Output: 3-phase 380/400/415 V + N, +/- 1 %, 50/60 Hz Output power factor cosphi 0,9 Power: 20 kVA / 18 kW Runtime at 100% rated load and Cosphi 0,8: 13 minute

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