Fluid Bed Dryer

Models: Laboratory to production scale: 5 to 500 kgs capacity Applications: The powerful, hot air stream of this high-productivity, energy-efficient fluid bed dryer fluidizes wet material quickly, providing optimum heat transfer to powders without applying unacceptable shear. As the drying temperature is relatively low and cycle times short, the physical and chemical properties of the product are not generally affected. Probably the most frequently used dynamic process plant, fluid bed dryers are particularly suited to the drying of free-flowing granular powders such as pharmaceutical granules, food products (such as milk powder, coffee, tea) and chemical products. Features and Benefits: - Low drying cycle times save energy costs - Customised layout - Various materials of construction to comply with particular industry requirements - Pneumatic bag shaking arrangement - Pneumatic cylinders seal the bowl to the retarding chamber - Air handling unit with HEPA filter at air inlet for heating of supply air - Wash in place system Options: Special design options for loading/unloading in a contained environment Bowl can be provided with vacuum conveying arrangement Drying-air dehumidification Scrubber at air outlet to remove suspended particles from the air stream PLC/HMI-based control panel ATEX-compliant systems